It has been many years since I have used this blog. However, I have been writing and sharing my thoughts elsewhere. This “reboot” is an attempt to bring some of these musings back to a central location. For those following or who are viewing this blog, I hope you enjoy the new additions and feel free to share your thoughts.


My Second Attempt

You don’t always get a second chance for most things in life. However, a new blog thankfully doesn’t fit into this category. This is my second attempt at blogging after posting an interesting but muddled mix of thoughts, tirades, song lyrics among much else. It also has a new title, Serenity and Discord. My last blog was entitled Serenity, but, after much thought, I’ve determined that “Serenity” does not necessarily capture the breadth of emotion for some of the topics I’ll be posting. I promise I’m not a pessimistic person; life is just too complex to be characterized as solely serene. This is a fresh start; if not in life, then at least on paper.